Genie Logic Boards New and old Part #’s

Original Board Number Service Number Where Used Board Function
31184R 20386R AC Screwdrives late ’95 to present Sequensor
31181R 20393R Pro Max late ’95-’97 Sequensor
33001R/T or 34374R/T 20380R Pro Max “B” and Chainglide 3 terminal screws ICB
34514R/S/T 20380S Chainglide 6 terminal screws ICB
30901S 20399R Stealth ’95 to present Sequensor
29061T 20424S Stealth ’95 to present Rectifier
34019R 36600R Excelerator-all Controller
34463R 35383R Excelerator 2000-2008 (Fasco Motor) Motor Drive
36428R 36248R Excelerator 2008 to present (McMillan Motor) Motor Drive
36448A 36448A 1024 Chainlift/ Beltlift Controller
37028A 37028A 2024 Chainlift/Beltlift Controller
31171R/36306R 36521R AC Screw ’95 to present Pro Max ’95-’97 Receiver
31171R/36306S 36521S Stealth ’95 to present Receiver