Genie / Overhead Door BELT DRIVE RAIL Exploded View

These were made in 7’, 8’, 10’ & 12’ Lengths, a few of the parts are specific to the length of the rail.

These rails were used on the Genie PMX and Overhead Door 696, Phantom & Stealth

Sprockets, Belts, Sprocket Brackets,  Belt Bullets are specific to the different rail lengths.

The carriage is two piece, completely remove the carriage and inspect both pieces and order accordingly, if both the carriage slide and the carriage assy. Are bad you must order both items.

Some part numbers have changed, if you do not see the part listed in our store call or email.

These were the top of the line rails in there day and in my opinion are superior to today’s hi end rails. These are well worth the time, money and effort to repair. The two pulleys, belt and carriage assy. are the most common wear items and it may be wise to put an extra one of these items on the shelf if you intend to get the most out of this opener. These parts can become obsolete at any time and one small part can then render this entire opener out of commission.