Garage Door Pulley Cast Iron


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Garage Door Pulley

Cast Iron Pulley Wheel

Cast Iron Barn Pulley

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Garage Door Pulley Cast Iron

Cast Iron Pulley

Cast Iron Sheaves

3″ Cast Iron Pulley


.399″ ( 3/8+)  Bore

1/2″ Wide

3″ Across

Sealed ball bearing pressed into the sheave.

Accepts up to 3/16″ Cable


We stock other pulleys including another cast iron pulley here – PULLEY – SHEAVES

We stock cable in any length up to 500′ in:

1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″ & 1/4″

See our cable and cable fittings here – GARAGE DOOR CABLE 


Comes with a sealed bearing held in place with a  CIR Clip that can be easily removed  so you can use bolts or other means of fastening or attaching. Bearing is pressed into the pulley but is easy to tap out.

There is a shoulder on one side that holds the bearing in place, that shoulder can be ground out if needed, you will then have a 1-3/16″ opening. That is if you need to remove the bearing to customize this pulley.

This is a heavy duty cast iron pulley wheel that can be used for any number of uses.

Commonly referred to as a Pulley and or a Sheave this is an item that has been around a very long time and as stated has near unlimited uses and potential. If you need a heavy duty pulley this may be just what you need. These are good to have on hand, great for rigging up material lifts using rope but typically used with cable.

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Garage Door Pulley Cast Iron

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 x .5 x 3 in
3" Cast Iron Pulley

1 Pulley, 2 Pulleys, 4 Pulleys, 10 Pulleys, 25 Pulleys, 50 Pulleys, 100 Pulleys