Adjustable Garage Door Arm


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Garage door arm bracket

Heavy duty garage door arm

Garage door opener arm bracket

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Adjustable Garage Door Arm

All Star Brand, AllStar part number – 100174

This is a heavy duty commercial garage door opener arm. This is a fully adjustable garage door arm.

Spring loaded latch connects to fixed pin or rod on garage door opener carriage.

Fully adjustable lenght, mounting hardware included.

This commercial garage door arm can be used on many different brands of garage door openers.

Heavy gusset welded to the radius of the curved portion of this garage door opener arm adds tremendous strength to this item.

We stock a wide variety of garage door opener arms and garage door opener mounting brackets.

See our garage door opener arms and garage door mounting brackets here – GARAGE DOOR OPENER ARM

It is important to  use the correct garage door opener arm and connecting bracket.

Things to look for when choosing the correct garage door opener arm:

The number one consideration is to determine how the garage door arm connects to the garage door opener. This may be via a pin and clip system or like with this particular arm, via a spring loaded latching mechanism. Some arms are connected to the garage door opener with a simple bolt and nut set up. The majority use a clevis pin and cotter pin or hair pin connection.

Here is an example of a clevis pin – CLEVIS PIN

In that type of connection, the cotter or hair pin is removed, then the clevis pin and then the arm is free of the garage door opener.

In regards to the other end of the arm, the end that connects to the garage door, this is typically done with the same type of clevis and pin combination. There are some other connection types but the clevis and pin system is by far most common.

It is extremely important that the door bracket, that is the bracket that mounts to the garage door, that the garage door opener arm connect to, is of the proper type and is correctly installed. Improper connection of the garage door opener arm to the garage door can result in severe damage to the garage door and can most certainly be a safety issue.

Here are two types of door brackets:


GARAGE DOOR BRACKET                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     When determining the correct combination of garage door opener arm and garage door opener bracket, browse our GARAGE DOOR OPENER ARM store pages by clicking the above link.

If you need help in determining the correct item, send us some photos via email if possible and we will do all we can to connect you to the correct parts.


Adjustable Garage Door Arm

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