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Garage Door Open, Close, Stop Remote

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Allstar 8833-OCS 318MHz Garage Door Remote

Open, Close, Stop function Garage Door and Gate remote control.

For one commercial door or gate, control the open, close & stop functions.

The Allstar 8833T-OCS is a 318MHz Remote Control.

There are 9, 3 positional dip switches used to program – +, 0, – settings, also know as trianary.

Dimensions of the Allstar 8833-OCS garage door remote are:

2.25″ Wide X 4.625″ Tall X 1″ Thick

Perfect remote for forklifts and any other reason to use an open / close / stop remote.

Great for large doors that may not need to be fully opened at times, save on wear, heat and cooling loss.

We also offer a similar remote with open, close, stop functions that will control up to three different doors.

Visor clip, battery and instructions are included.

Very easy to program. You match the dip switches inside this new remote to either the dip switch settings in your existing remote or to the receiver that is attached to the garage door opener, look for the antenna.

There are 9 three positional dip switches, simply match the dip switches in the new remote and you’re done. Simply slide the cover down to expose the dip switches in this remote, using a small screw driver or knife, move the dip switches into the correct position.

Detailed instructions are included as is a visor clip.

This is a very robust remote that is made by the Linear company. Linear is known for  it’s attention to detail and work horse products.

We stock several other remotes that are along the lines of this ALLSTAR 9931 TRANSMITTER 318, remote. See our other listings for compatibility. Also see our photos.

We stock what we sell and we ship six days a week. We ship standard shipping free of charge to the customer and we offer other expedited shipping methods as well. This remote, and others we carry are available in varying quantities, buying more than one at a time will save you some money. We also can supply larger quantities, email for a quick quote.

We also have a remote & receiver kit combination for situations when the garage door remote is no longer available, see the below link.

Universal Garage Door Opener


Allstar 8833-OCS 318MHz Garage Door Remote

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