Chain Puller Tool


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Roller Chain Tool

Chain Holder

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Chain Puller Tool

Chain Tool

Roller Chain Holder

Holds two ends of roller chain in place so you can install a master link.

Great little tool. If you have a difficult area or situation this tool is invaluable.  Great when working with long lengths of chain with a lot of slack. Good tool for the tool box.

“Helping hand roller chain holder”

For #35 through #60 chain.

A must anywhere roller chain is used, compact & light, easy to use.

For a broken chain, first remove broken link plate with a chain breaker tool – click here for chain breaking tool – CHAIN BREAK TOOL – hold chain in position with chain holder. Pry out broken link and insert new master or replacement link.

Allows chain to be pulled or released without dropping chain. This tool can save on moving sprockets, adjusting length and so on. Not only makes the job easier, it saves time and effort.

We carry many different sizes or roller chain, master links and 1/2 links.

We stock roller chain in Steel, Nickel plated and Stainless Steel

We stock an excellent chain breaking tool as well, see link above.

40, 41, 65, 50 Sized Roller Chain in any length – in stock ready for same of next day shipping.

Special roller chain needs? Email us for help and quote.


When connecting or disconnection chain.

Always lock out equipment power switch before removing or installing chains.

Always wear safety glasses.

Wear protective clothing, gloves and safety shoes when appropriate.

Support the chain to prevent uncontrolled movement of chain or other parts.

All tools should be in good condition and properly used.

Do not attempt to connect or disconnect chain unless you know the chain construction including the correct direction for pin / rivet removal or insertion.

US Patten no. 3999738

Chain Puller Tool – in stock and ready to ship, great tool for the tool box!

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