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Garage Door Clutch Plate

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Clutch Plate



Allstar part number – 015619

9/16″ bore.

3-1/2″ across the flat pad area.

This is the stationary clutch plate, the notch is fitted around a drift pin that is in place through the shaft.

Flouted portion can be removed to modify to be use as a replacement inner clutch disk on other brands and models.

Held in place via drift pins that are NOT included with this item.

This is an Allstar part but can be used on other brand commercial garage door openers.


This part can be modified to work on older commercial garage door openers or machines that use a clutch type system.

We also have various clutch discs and other clutch parts. stocks what we sell and we strive to ship same day six days a week.

We carry a wide variety of garage door and garage door opener parts. We have many parts that can be used with a variety of brands of garage doors and garage door openers.

If you are having difficulty locating a specific part for a garage door or garage door opener and do not see it on our website, send us an email or call and we will do everything possible to lead you to the correct parts.

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Check out our tutorials for some help and pointers on garage door and garage door maintenance. A twice yearly lube oil and adjust program will greatly cut down on wear and breakage. Keeping the garage door and garage door opener propperly lubricated and adjusted will provide you will years of un interrupted service.


Clutch Plate

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