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Clutch Spring

Allstar part number 009050

Will work on a up to a 5/8″ OD clutch shaft.

This clutch spring can be used on many different brands of commercial garage door openers.

Typically a lock nut, pinned nut or double nut system is used to hold pressure on the clutch spring. Different brands use different methods but the result is the same.

A clutch disk is held in place between two clutch plates and a clutch spring and nut system. This clutch spring holds pressure on the clutch plate putting pressure on the clutch disk.

The pressure applied to the clutch plate will determine the amount of pressure that will be required before slippage (clutching action) begins.

The clutch is part of the safety system of the garage door opener. If the garage door hits an obstruction for instance, the clutch should be adjusted to slip. How tight you set the spring to the plate will determine how quickly the clutch will slip once an obstruction is encountered.  A slipping clutch can also come into play when a spring on the door breaks or if a door is accidentally locked and the opener is engaged. There are many things that can go wrong with the door and or the door opener that will cause the clutch to slip and therefore save additional damage from occurring.

Following a regular preventive maintenance program on your garage doors and garage door openers should include testing and adjustment if required of the clutch system of your garage door opener. Adjustments to the balance of the door and even lubrication of the garage door can influence the clutch,  necessitating adjustment. The clutch is an important part of any garage door opener that uses one.
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