Entry Door Weather Stripping




Entry Door Weather Stripping

This Brush Seal kit is for passage doors but can be used on sliding doors, windows and more. Commercial or Residential.

Professional grade entry door seal kit. Comes as a complete kit with top, sides, and mounting hardware.

The retainer is a Mill finish Aluminum
High quality brush seal.

See the effectiveness of the Brush seal as it conforms to the top and sides of your door for a weather tight seal.

Gain season protection against drafts, moisture, dust and insects.

Kit Specification:

Single door 3′ x 7′

Single door 4′ x 7′

Double door 6′ x 7′




Want a Passage door weather seal solution which is able to compress tightly to your door frame? Check out our Vinyl Bulb seal here.

Very easy to install.

Install the top piece first.
With the door open, measure the width of the door opening at the top.
Lay the top length of entry door weather stripping on your work bench and using a pencil and square, mark the aluminum to your measurement.
Pull the brush seal back so that you are cutting only the aluminum.

Use a hack saw with a steel cutting base to cut for best results and a nice clean cut, a miter box may come in handy as well.
Cut the brush seal with sharp snips 1/4″ longer than the aluminum, you may need to further trim the brush seal during installation. Now hold the top length in place to check the fit and if it is good, mark both sides so you can measure the side pieces. Hold the top tightly to the top jamb and mark the side jambs. Now measure and cut both sides, again leaving the brush approx. 1/4″ longer than the aluminum. Close the door. It is good to note at this time if there is play in the door when closed, that is, can you move the door into and away from the door stop, is the door closed firmly or is there play in the door to the door stop on the outside of the door. You need to take any play into consideration when installing the entry door seals. If there is a lot of play in the door when it is closed it is advised to address that issue before installing the seals. The strike plate on the jamb is a good place to adjust if needed. You want the door to close solidly with no or very slight movement w/o the weather seal installed. This is where brush seals really shine, there is so much flexibility with the brush that even if there is some play in the door you can still achieve an excellent seal.

Close the door and install the top length of weather stripping, trim the brush seal as needed to insure a tight fit side to side. You want slight compression of the brush seal when the seal is installed, set the brush to a J shape to the door. Now install the sides, again, trim the brush seal as needed , here as well you want slight compression ( J shape ) of the brush seals when installed.

After all the fasteners are in place, open and close the door. Check to insure that the seals are contacting the door all along the door.
If you have any questions or need help with a bulk order call or email us, we’d be happy to help you.

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