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Friction Disc

Allstar Part Number – 009028

Although this is a Allstar part, this item can be used with any garage door opener, gate or any other device that uses a mechanical clutch system utilizing a fiber friction disc.

We stock several other clutch / friction discs as well.

Friction Disc

4 3/16″ Wide

1 – 3/16 Bore

The friction / clutch disc is a important part of the clutch system on many commercial garage door openers. Typically the disc is sandwiched between two clutch plates. The inner clutch plate is usually stationary, the outer clutch plate is adjusted via the threads on the clutch shaft. This type of system consists of: Two clutch plates, one clutch disc, clutch shaft, clutch spring and some type of nut / lock nut system. There may be various set screws and or shear pins in play as well.

These are very simple yet effective systems that need to be addressed as part of your safety and also normal maintenance programs for for garage doors and gates. You want to inspect all the clutch parts for wear, primarily the clutch disc, the clutch disc is a wear item, it is designed to and will wear. We advise wiring a spare clutch disc someplace on the outside of the opener so you have it when you need it. These are inexpensive and good to have on hand.

The clutch system is designed to come into play when the opener comes under a load, for instance if the door has a broken spring, is accidentally locked, has a broken cable or other issue. Or if the door comes into contact on the up or down cycle the clutch is engaged preventing the opener from continuing to run and move the door. Some consideration of that fact will clearly reveal to you how important the clutch system on the garage door opener, gate or other mechanical device really is.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 1 in

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