Sealed Bearing 3/4″ ID



Sealed Bearing

Commercial Garage Door Opener Bearing


Sealed Bearing 3/4″ ID

3/4″ ID – .750″ ID Sealed bearing

Commercial garage door opener – commercial gate opener.

Genie part number – 110695.0001.S

See the line drawing for measurements.

This is a genuine Genie part used in there commercial openers and also Overhead Door brand openers.

This bearing can be used in any garage door opener, gate or other device that uses a .3/4″ inside diameter bearing.

We also have a 5/8″ ID sealed bearing here – SEALED BEARING 5/8″ ID

Consider using set collars to be able to utilize this bearing if your application needs side support of the bearing. Combining this bearing with a set collar makes this bearing very versatile.

We do have zink plated shaft collars in 3/4″ ID  in a limited supply, if you need one or more of the collars to go along with this bearing, send us an email with the quantity needed and we will send you a quote – quickly.

We stock several other bearings common to the garage door and gate industry. All these bearings have many other uses above and beyond garage door and gate.

All parts are in stock. We ship six days a week. You item will ship same or next day unless there is a USPS / UPS holiday.

Sealed Bearing 3/4″ ID

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