Garage Door Cable Keeper / Snubber


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Garage Door Cable Keeper

Cable Snubbers

Keep garage door cables tight

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Garage door cable keeper / snubber

For any / all torsion spring garage doors


The spring portion of this device slides over the bottom roller of the door.

Hook the end around door cable and have constant tension on the cable.

Spring tension of the keeper pulls door cable tight and prevents cable from slipping off the cable drum.

If you have a loose cable when the door is in the open position, this is the answer.

Prevent cable from coming off the cable drum.


Best way to install is to open up a three inch section of the track and pry the roller out of the track still attached to the bottom bracket.

Remove the roller, install the cable keeper spring as in the photos, then push the roller and section back behind and into the track.

No need to remove the bottom bracket to install these a cable keepers. Hammer track back into shape, you can clamp a round

piece of metal to the track to get the track hammered back into shape.

We also carry another type of this keeper system that bolts to the bottom bracket.

This is a good way to keep the door cables tight. We also have pusher springs that will also help loose cables,

type pusher spring into the search box on any page of our site.

We can also offer technical advice for any situation you may have, feel free to email or call.

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Garage Door Cable Keeper

cable tensioner

garage door cable (2)

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