Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kit


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Decorative Garage Door Hardware

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Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kit

Fluer-De-Lis Style.

Stamped steel, powder coated, black.

Black stainless steel fasteners included.

4 – Hinges and fasteners per set, see the drop down menu for quantities.

15-3/4″ Long, 2-1/4″ @ back edge of hinge, 4″ @ the widest point.

This is a very distinctive set. Easy to install, powder coated to keep these looking nice in any weather.

We have Flue-De-Lis Handles here –

We have another Fluer-De-Lis kit in heavy iron here – FLUER-DE-LIS FLUER-DE-LIS 

Here is a link to Fluer-De-Lis door Knockers – FLUER-DE-LIS KNOCKER has a large selection of other garage door decorative hardware kit here – DECORATIVE GARAGE DOOR HARDWARE

Adding decorative hardware to a garage door or ANY door is a great way to dress up any door, these non functional – decorative Fluer-De-Lis hinges add a great look.


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Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kit

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 1 in

1 Hinge Set, 2 Hinge Sets, 3 Hinge Sets, 4 Hinge Sets

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