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Garage Door Opener Button


Garage Door Opener Wall Button

UNIVERSAL wall button for all garage door openers.

This is a non lighted button, therefore you can use this Garage Door Opener Wall Button as a second or even third button attached to the same garage door opener.

Many garage door openers will not support more than one lighted wall button, also, if the system has a wall “control” that counts as a lighted button even if it is not lighted and you cannot install any lighted push button as a second push button

This button allows you to have multiple wall buttons controlling one garage door opener, one button buy the entry door to the house, one button near the walk through door to the outside, anyplace another wall button is desired.

For all 2 wire garage door opener wall button systems.
2-3/8″ Tall X 7/8″ Wide – 2 mounting screws included.
Simply attach two low voltage wired and run them back to the garage door openers two push button terminals.

We also carry the correct wire for this garage door opener wall button, click this link – BELL WIRE

Always practice good safety when working on or around your garage door and or your garage door opener. Although the bush button system operates on low voltage, always un plug the garage door opener and lock the garage door before starting any repairs or work on with the garage door or the garage door opener. Un plugging the garage door opener prevents what can be a catastrophic event of someone opening the door with a remote, keypad, keys switch or wall button while someone is working on the garage door or garage door opener. Same goes for the garage door itself, ALWAYS lock the door from the inside when working on or around the the garage door. Clip a pair of vice grips onto the door track above a roller on both sides if there is no lock on the garage door of if the lock is disabled. Working on a garage door or garage door opener is no more dangerous than cutting your grass if you follow good solid safety measures – un plug it and lock it.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

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