Garage Door Quiet Kit – 9×7 Door


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Garage Door Quite Kit

Quiet Garage Door

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Garage Door Quiet Kit – 9×7 Door

Garage Door Hinges

For 8×7, 9×7 & 10×7 Garage Doors

1 CAR KIT – Garage Door quiet Kit – 9×7 Door

Noisy door? Living Space Above the Door? Operating the door while others are sleeping?


Installing these Hinges & Rollers & “PROPERLY” Lubricating the door

will reduce the noise of the operating door by 75%, It really is incredible.

The hinges are fiberglass reinforced nylon, rated for doors up to 400 pounds

The typical 2 car residential door weighs 200 pounds or less.

These hinges have a standard mounting hole pattern and are also corrosion resistant

The hinges themselves REQUIRE NO LUBRICATION

Rollers included in this kit are Heavy Duty 13 Ball Bearing, Sealed Nylon.

The bearings of the rollers REQUIRE NO LUBRICATION, just the outer wheel is to be lubricated.

We include a can of Professional Garage Door Lube with instructions on how to properly lubricate your garage door, this can of lube will last 5+ years when performing normal lubrication

Included in this kit:

10 – 13 BB Nylon Heavy Duty Rollers

5 – # 1 Hinges

2 – # 2 Hinges

2 – # 3 Hinges

2 – Top Fixtures

Tec Screw, sell drilling & tapping

1 – Can of Professional Garage Door Lube


If you have a 5 section door we have hinges available individually

See the DOOR HARDWARE category on this site

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Garage Door quiet Kit – 9×7 Door

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