Genie Garage Door Opener Header Bracket 35421A.S


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Overhead Door Garage Door Opener

Header Bracket

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Genie Garage Door Opener Header Bracket 35421A.S

AKA – 35421A – 35421A.S –  22668A04
2-3/16: Tall x 1-1/4″ – each angle.

Used on the front or the rail to the rails strap to this header bracket.

For Genie Screw Drive Models – Pro Drive, Screw Drive, Excelerator – Pro & Retail, Chainglide

Overhead Door Brand Models – DC Screw Drive 990, Overdrive Pro 990, Powermax 4060, Signature Pro 930CD – 950CD, Phthon, OCG510 – OCG-710, Chaindrive OCG550 – OCG750 – OCG600ML – OCG800ML


This and the rail strap are known to wear and fail. Early models have a weak header bracket and that has been re designed and updated.

We carry the rail strap here  – GENIE RAIL STRAP 33723A0.S

This Rail Strap is used on solid one piece reals and also on multiple piece rails.

One other wear item on the screw drive units is the Coupler, item number 46 on the above exploded view. This part is intended to fail if the door garage door opener is activated when the door is: Locked, frozen to the floor, has a broken spring, cable or other parts. By this coupler failing further damage to the door and or the garage door opener is prevented. Point being, you may want to consider purchasing a coupler now and attaching it to the opener with a piece or wire so you have one on hand. They are very inexpensive and easy to replace.

Here is a link to this part – GENIE GARAGE DOOR COUPLER 30257T

We stock many of the current production Genie garage door opener parts. Genie and Overhead door are basically the same company and the garage door openers from both entities are pretty much the same other than the branding. If you do not see what you need and are unable to locate it drop us an email or call and we can let you know if the parts or parts are still available. If the parts are made, we can get them to you.

Genie Garage Door Opener Header Bracket 35421A.S


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