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Genie Trolly Part

Genie Garage Door Opener Trolly / Carriage REPAIR PART

This is the part that wears out, this¬† “RACK” meshes with the screw of the opener and is made of a softer metal than the screw.

This allows this part to wear before damaging the screw.

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This part is easy to replace.

UNPLUG the opener.

Remove the bracket holding the front of the opener to the garage.

Slide out the carriage.

Disassemble the carriage by removing the two small springs on the side.

Remove the work rack and install the new rack.

Slide the pins in place and re attach the two small springs.

Slide the carriage back into the rail and refasten the rail to the bracket above the door.

Re engage the trolly / carriage to the screw. DONE.


Please note that White Lithium grease is the only type of lubrication used on the screw.

If there is a build up of grease, clean that out and re grease using the correct lube.

Click the link below to see and or purchase this White Lithium Grease.

Garage Door Lubricant


Replacing this the damaged part saves you money, the other parts

of the trolly / carriage rarely wear or break.



genie screw drive carriage







genie carriage










genie trolly

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