Overhead Door Weather Stripping


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Overhead Door Brand Weather Seal

Bottom Seal for Overhead Garage Door

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Overhead Door Weather Stripping


Bulb Type Bottom Weather Seal for Overhead Door brand garage doors.

Overhead door P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal

This seal is used on most  Overhead Door Brand two-inch pan doors and also certain Genie brand Garage Doors.

Series model numbers 399, 391, 390, 381, 288, 281, 189.


Gray Vinyl

Grooved on the bottom to prevent freezing to floor.

P – Style Bead slides into the bottom retainer on the door.

• Made from strong, grey vinyl compound

• For Overhead Door Brand Series 399, 391, 390, 381, 288, 281, 189 and others.

• Also fits Genie branded garage doors with the popular p-style seal


All lengths are a minimum 2” longer that size listed for a custom fit to your garage door.

Available in 100’ continuous rolls.

Installs easily with two people. One guides seal into track and pulls, the other feeds the seal.

Lightly crimp ends of track to hold in place.

Helps to completely clean the track and then apply lubricant such as WD40.

Note: If your garage door is not sealing to the floor and this style of weather seal is preventing that, we can help.

Simply replacing the bottom retainer on the door will allow you to choose from a wide variety of garage door weather seal.

There are many sizes, types and styles of weather seal that are designed to accommodate any job site condition.

A different retainer will allow you to use the popular T style, U shape weather seal that is available in many types and styles to seal any door to the floor.

We have kits that contain retainer and T style – U – Shaped weather seal.

We have many other garage door weather seal options.

We can help you seal up ANY Garage Door!

See the link below for an overview of garage door weather seal.




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