Rolling Steel Door Weather Stripping Retainer


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Rolling Steel Door Weather Seal Retainer

Rolling Steel Garage Door Seal

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Aluminum Rolling Steel Door Weather Seal Retainer.

If mounting to a metal surface, we carry screws here – XXX


2″ Wide on the Bottom- Center Leg 1-5/8″ Lip

Aluminum is .050 Thick

Accepts 1/4″ T Style Weather Seal


Made in the USA


Length is 55″ for each section

1 – Length = 55”
2 – Lengths =110″ or 9’2”
3 – Lengths = 165” or 13’-9”
4 – Lengths = 220” or 18’-4”
5 – Lengths = 275” or 22’-11”

This rolling steel door weather stripping retainer designed to be installed between the two bottom angles on the door. This rolling steel door retainer, once installed between the two bottom angles is drilled through and bolted. Drilled through both angles and the retainer. Once in place, this retainer accepts any 1/4″ T style U shaped weather seal.


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We offer a wide variety of overhead door weather seal retainers that can be used not only on garage doors, but on anything that needs a good quality weather seal. Using the correct retainer on your project will then allow you to choose the correct weather seal from a wide variety of seals. We carry garage door bottom retainers in aluminum and PVC. All our retainers are sold in 54” or 55” lengths and are combined to achieve the desired total length. These retainers are butted together and produce a nice finish.

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We have videos of this and all our products that give you a better look at the item and also have a short dissertation about the item.


If you are unsure of the correct garage door weather stripping retainer and/or garage door weather seal for your application, XXX us some photos and include the thickness and width of the door and we will point you in the right direction.

Garage Door Weather Stripping Retainer

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1 – 55" LENGTH, 2 – 55" LENGTHS, 3 – 55" LENGTHS, 4 – 55" LENGTHS, 5 – 55" LENGTHS, 6 – 55" LENGTHS, 7 – 55" LENGTHS, 8 – 55" LENGTHS, 9 – 55" LENGTHS, 10 – 55" LENGTHS