Allstar 110927 MVP Quik-Code Keyless Entry


Garage Door Keyless Entry

Garage Door Key Pad

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Allstar 110927 MVP Quik-Code Keyless Entry

Gate or Garage Door Opener Keypad.

Programming instructions and mounting screws included.

Typically mounted on the garage door jamb on the left hand side as your facing the door. However, you can mount this Wireless Keyless entry in other locations. It is best to mount it in a location that you can see the door at all times and have a clear and full view of the door. That stands true anytime you use a garage door opener to open or close any door.

Compatible With Allstar MVP Garage Door Openers And Receivers

The Allstar 110927 MVP Quik-Code wireless digital keyless entry keypad can be used on the newer MVP type garage door openers and MVP gate radio receivers.

Controls up to ten Allstar MVP type garage door or gate receivers.

This is a very well made and robust wireless keyless entry system, we have many of them in the field and they typically last for many, many years. If you have never had a keyless entyr system on your garage door opener you will son wonder how you managed without one, this is a very nice upgrade. No wires to run, just follow the simple programming instructions and install the unit with the two provided screws.

We also carry a universal keyless entry system that will allow you to install a keyless system on any garage door opener, even older units, click this link – Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry

Allstar 110927 MVP Quik-Code Keyless Entry

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 2 in

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