Garage Door Opener Keypad


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Garage Door Key Pad

Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry


Garage Door Opener Keypad



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Complete system, instructions included

Works on ALL Garage Door Openers

This a wired system that is VERY easy to install and program

The DOMINO GARAGE DOOR KEYPAD is a simple and convenient way to open and close garage doors.

Consisting of an outside mounted keypad and inside control box, the DOMINO GARAGE DOOR KEYPAD features personalized code setting, making the system as easy to program as it is to install.

• Universal Use Compatible with all garage door openers.

• Easy Programming Keypad is quickly programmed in three simple steps.

• Code Security Keypad shuts off for one minute after five wrong entries have been pressed.

•Protective Cover Flip-Up cover design protects the unit against the elements.

• Personalized User Code A 1 through 6 digit code may be chosen, over 1,000,000 possibilities.

• Back Lighting lighted keypad for easy nighttime operation. Additional indicator light provides verification as keys are pressed.

• Low Power Warning / Battery Saver Lights dim to indicate batteries should be replaced soon. Special sleep circuitry conserves battery life.

• Instant Stop After code is entered and garage door opener is activated, the “enter” key may be pressed again to stop or reverse the door, without re-entering the code. The “enter” key remains active for 20 seconds.

• Additional Push Button conveniently located on control box.

Garage Door Keypad Installation/Instructions

Garage Door Opener Keypad



Outside: Choose a convenient location to mount the keypad. Drill a ½” (or larger) hole

from outside to inside the garage. Carefully, feed cable from keypad to inside of garage.

Screw keypad to outside surface with 2 screws (included). DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

The keypad is meant to “stand off” the surface so moisture can run behind the unit.



a. Disconnect power to garage door opener.

b. Connect control box to push button terminals on opener with two low voltage (18-

24 gauge) wires.


If there is a nearby wall push button already wired to your garage

opener, you can connect the control box to the terminals of this wall push button. ]

b. Strip ¼” insulation from connecting wires, insert and screw wires into the two

terminals marked “OPENER” in control box. There is no polarity on the

connecting wires. Either wire in either terminal is ok.

c. Insert 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (included), observing polarity.

d. Snap keypad cable plug, with locking tab on bottom, into receptacle marked

“KEYPAD” in control box.

e. Mount control box to wall with Styrofoam over batteries. Styrofoam keeps

batteries from vibrating out of position.

f. Reconnect power to garage door opener.

How to Code Keypad:

Step 1. Slide switch to “program” or “on” – (switch is located on control box)

Step 2. Press “


Step 3. Press your

code numbers (you can use up to six digit in your code)

Step 4. Press “


Step 5. Slide switch to “operate” or “off”

How to use Keypad:

Press your code numbers and press “ENTER”

That is it! Very easy to program and to re program, install a one time usage # with ease.

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Garage Door Opener Keypad

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