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Fusible Link

Used on FIRE DOORS. Rated at 165 degrees. Once ambient temperature reaches 165 degrees, the link separates in the middle.

S Hooks are NOT included – shown in photos as a guide only.

# 1 Fusible Link = 1-7/16″ Long X 9/16″ Wide – APPROX.

# 2 Fusible link = 2-5/8″ Long x 7/8″ Wide – APPROX.

Fusible links are an intragal component of any fire door system be it a rolling fire door, sliding fire door, counter shutter type fire door, window shutter and any other fire door system.

S Hooks and Sash Chain are the other parts of the drop system that are use in conjunction with the fusible links and we carry both of those components as well.

For sash chain, click here РSASH CHAIN 

For S Hooks, click here – S HOOK

Typically, a fire door apparatus is held in place by a series of sash chains attached to S Hooks that are then attached to fusible links.

The center of the fusible link is rated at a certain melting point, our fusible links are rated at 165 degrees. Once that temperature is reached, the center material of the fusible link melts and the tension on the chains is released and the drop mechanism is activated.

At that point the door, gate, shutter or other device closes in a controlled manner thus sealing off one area from another. The intent is to contain the fire on one side or the other of a wall. Typically fusible links are install on both sides of the wall that the door, gate or shutter is mounted on.

Yearly drop tests are required in certain jurisdictions and ALL fire doors should be tested yearly regardless of compliance.

It is imperative that all fire doors are serviced yearly and drop tested.

Here is a link to a drop test form that should be filled out and kept on record – FIRE DOOR DROP TEST FORM

There are types of forms readily available on line if the above does not suit your needs.


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