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Sash Chain

#8 Sash Chain.

.035 Thick.

Approximate weight of 100′ = 3.9 LB.

Working load limit:

75 LB’s.

Break strength = 300 LB

Order the total length needed by choosing from the listed lengths and use the quantity box as well, we will send  ONE CONTINUOUS LENGTH of chain.


We carry the S hook for this chain here – S HOOK

“Back in the day” – This type of chain was used on windows, a system of chains and weights helped the “sash” on double hung windows open and close or move up and down.

Over time, the window industry has gotten away from using that type of system. There are still many, many windows out there that do still have that type of system in place.

In the garage door industry we have found several uses for this nice, strong, economical and versatile product.

There are certain types and styles of garage door lock systems that use a chain, a sash chain, as opposed to cables, to control flippers located on the edge of the door, that engage a catch on the door track.

Called sash chain locks or just chain style locks, these are fairly common to the garage door industry and are found on garage doors all over the country.

Another very common use for sash chain is on fire doors. Typically, the sash chain is used in conjunction with S hooks and Fusible Links to hold the tension release system in place.  Once a fusible link melts, the sash chain goes slack and releases a predetermined amount of spring tension allowing the fire door to automatically close. Typically sealing one area from another.

We keep a roll on all our trucks and in the shop as well, this is one of those items that once you work with it you find many uses for it, like hanging lights and other things.



Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1 in

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