Garage Door Bottom Retainer 2 X 2


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Garage Door Bottom Metal Strip

Garage Door Weather Stripping Retainer

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Garage Door Bottom Retainer 2 X 2
Aluminum Retainer for garage doors.

If mounting to a metal surface, we carry screws here – Weather Seal Retainer Screws

Click the link below for an overview of garage door weather seal.
Garage Door Weather Seal Overview
Will work for applications other than garage doors.
Sold in 55” lengths.
Leg is 2” bottom is 2”.
This retainer accepts all ¼” T style U shaped weather seal, there are a wide variety
of seals available for this retainer.
Great option for any door with hard to find weather seal.
Simply replace the retainer and match with the correct weather seal.
This garage door bottom retainer allows you to use the popular 1/4″ T U shaped weather seal.

We have many different types and styles of weather seal that work with this retainer.
Square cut ends butt together creating a professional finish.
We carry other retainers in different shapes, sizes and configurations that will allow you to
match the correct seal to the job site conditions. Click Weather Seal – Retainers
With the proper retainer / weather seal combination, we can seal any garage door to any floor.
See our store under – WEATHER SEAL “T” Style for many weather seal options that work with this retainer.
Email for quote on larger quantities or for any special needs, if it is made we have it or can get it – Fast!

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1 – 55" LENGTH, 2 – 55" LENGTHS, 3 – 55" LENGTHS, 4 – 55" LENGTHS, 5 – 55" LENGTHS, 6 – 55" LENGTHS, 7 – 55" LENGTHS, 8 – 55" LENGTHS, 9 – 55" LENGTHS, 10 – 55" LENGTHS