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Garage Door Lock Rod Guide


Lock rod guide , support.

Can be used on the edge of the door to guide the lock rod into and through the garage door track.

Adjustable up and down to accommodate changing floors and differing weather seals.

This garage door lock rod guide can also be used as a support on longer lock rods, for example when a lock rod lock system is used on a wide garage door.

Typically, if a lock rod system is used on doors over 10 foot wide, it is prudent to install extra lock rod guides to support the lock rods.  Best practice it to locate the support garage door lock rod guides on a garage door style where you can securely attach the guide to the door.

This is an item that can be used on locks other than garage door type locks. This part is also used on gates as part of a locking system.

This garage door lock rod guide can be positioned on the stationary post of a gate or sliding door and used as the latching part of the lock, running the lock rod into this guide.

Nice versatile item to have on hand.

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