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Garage Door Lock Rod

Solid Lock Rod / Lock Bar

60″ Long X 5/8″ Wide X 1/8″ Thick – solid steel, galvanized zink finish.

Used on a variety of different types and styles of garage door locks. Typically garage door locks that utilize rods/bars are more robust than garage door locks using cable or chain.

If you need a lock rod that is longer than 60″, use two, over lap the rods roughly 6″, drill two 1/4″ holes and bolt and nut them together.

We carry the guide for this type of lock bar here – LOCK ROD GUIDE

We also carry two other lock rod options, we have a single rod attached to a lock disc and we have a double rod attached to a lock disc.

To see the single rod attached to a lock disc, click here – LOCK ROD – TORSION

To see the double rod attached to a lock disc, click here – LOCK ROD – EXTENSION

If the door is torsion spring, a spring or springs would on a bar above the door, you only need to lock or secure one side of the door, you need a single rod type.

If the door is extension spring, springs above the horizontal tracks running front to back, you need to lock both sides of the door, you need a double rod type.

Here is a link to the lock rod disk – LOCK ROD DISC

We stock many garage door lock kits and parts. Typically we have the parts needed to repair any common garage door lock. If you need a complete lock kit we have several options


If you need any help determining the correct lock kit or lock part, drop us an email or call.  Email us some photos and we can more times than not link you right to the correct item.

Garage door lock rod



Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 61 x 3 x 1 in

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