Garage Door Opener TIMER


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Universal Timer

Used for commercial garage door openers and gate openers

Gate Timer

Garage Door timer

Time to close switch

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Garage Door Opener TIMER

 Can be used with Gate Openers and many other powered, mechanical devices.

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THCU Timer

THCU is a universal AC/DC voltage solid state timer in a compact 2″ x 2″ configuration. This unit features a wide range of operating voltage, 19 to 265 VAC and 10 to 120 VDC.

THCU-E offers three time ranges: 0.1 second to 102.3 seconds in .01 second increments, 1 second to 1023 seconds in 1 second increments OR, 10 to 10230 seconds in 10 second increments.

Ten binary dip switches are easy to program.

Advanced digital circuity provides this timing module with unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.

Garage Door Opener TIMER

Wide and universal operating voltage in a single unit:
operates from 19-265 VAC and 10-120 VDC
■ Operates at 50/60Hz
■ DC polarity independent
■ Precise timing accuracy in three ranges:
0.10 to 102.3 seconds in 0.1-second increments
1 to 1023 seconds in 1-second increments
10 to 10230 seconds in 10-second increments
■ Easy to program with 10-position binary dip switch
■ Digital timing accuracy
■ Time setting accuracy of ±5% of set point
■ Repeatability of ± 0.1%
■ Extremely low off-state leakage current
■ Fixed time periods available
■ Eliminates contactor “hum”
■ Compact, easy to hook up, in-line
■ Vertical mounting option available
with MB-1 Bracket
■ Totally encapsulated for protection
from harsh environments
■ 100% Operational testing before shipping

■ RoHS compliance available

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Garage Door Opener TIMER

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in