Garage Door Seal-Peel & Stick


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Garage Door Threshold Seal

Overhead Door Threshold Seal

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Garage Door Seal-Peel & Stick
Storm Shield – Peel & Stick – Garage Door Threshold Seal
Very easy to install, a perfect DIY project.
Combined with the seal on the bottom of the garage door, this product
will create a very good seal between the door and the floor.

This product serves several purposes.

If your floor is uneven this will help the seal of the garage door to the floor.

If the drive or approach is sloped toward the door, this will stem the flow of water into the garage.

This product works very well at keeping debris and rodents out of the garage.

VERY easy to install:
Un plug the garage door opener and put the door in manual operation.

Do not remove plastic covering the adhesive.

Lay the threshold in place on the garage floor.

Cut to length and notch at the ends around the jamb and or door track if needed.

Lower the garage door onto the threshold and adjust the threshold under the door and to the door, the hump on the threshold goes on the inside of the door against the garage door. (see photos) Once the threshold is in cut and in place, clamp the door down to hold the threshold in place and draw pencil lines on both the inside and outside edge of the threshold.

Open the door and roll up the threshold.

Using Acetone or Pine- Sol, thoroughly clean the area between the pencil lines.

This must be 100% dry before proceeding, a leaf blower will speed this up.

It is best for two people to install the threshold, one holds the rolled threshold, the other peels back the plastic cover of the adhesive a few feet at a time and positions the threshold in place using the pencil lines to keep the threshold in position. Press the threshold down every few inches.

Once the threshold is in place walk on the threshold to press it down. Then close the garage door onto the threshold and clamp it down tightly, use C clamps or vice grips on the track above a roller to hold the door down. Keep the door down for a few hours and you’re all set. Clamping the door down onto the threshold is only a precaution and will help insure that the entire length of the threshold has been pressed onto the garage floor.

Install only in temperatures 50 degrees or above.
Clean the garage door thoroughly.

Tools needed.
Utility knife, cleaner (pine sol), lint free rag & Pencil – That is all!

Instructions included.


Keeps out rodents, snakes and small pests.

Resistant to oil, gas, antifreeze and other commonly used chemical substances.

Reduces rust and moisture damage to tools and machinery.

Endures temperature extremes-wont crack, move or shatter.

Made in USA

Meets CA. fire marshal and CPAI-84 requirements for flame resistance.

This is a very durable product, thick yet pliable, very dense. It will provide many years of reliable service.


See all the photos, the adhesive that is bonded to this product is top of the line and will hold
the threshold to the floor tightly and keep this threshold in place.

We also carry garage door weather seals for the bottom of your garage door, we can help you seal any door to any floor.

We are here for you before, during and after your garage door and garage door opener repair, feel free to email us with any questions, were glad to help.

Garage Door Seal-Peel & Stick















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