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Garage Door Track Repair

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Track Anvil.

Garage Door Track Tool.

Great tool. Using this tool and a hammer you can straighten old, damaged garage door track.

Also great for closing the track back to the original form after opening the track to remove rollers.

This is a heavy duty tool, it weighs 4 pounds, solid steel.

As you can see from the photos and line drawing, the rounded edge fits perfectly into the curved leading edge of the garage door track. This gives you a nice solid anvil inside of the track allowing you to hammer the front of the track back into perfect form. This tool will save you time and money.


Replacing a section of garage door track. Remove old track possible needing to cut the old track with a hack saw to get a straight edge. Removing old, possible rived track brackets. Then, fabricating a new length of garage door track that may need a lock hole punched, drilling and installing new track brackets, then installing the new track assembly. Track bolts, nuts, lag bolts. And this is the simple Vertical track! Replacing a section of the horizontal track is crazy labor intensive.

The alternative…Inserting the Track Anvil into the garage door track and a little hammer action and you convert that old damaged track to like new. You are able to achieve the original shape of the track.

Big difference in time and material. Use this on one or two jobs and it has paid for itself. Fix tracks on two of your garage doors as opposed to replacing track and your way ahead of the game, plus you still have this great tool for future use.

Well thought out, simple design, heavy duty USA made toll that WORKS.

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Garage Door Track Tool

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Weight 4.25 lbs

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