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How to measure garage door springs

Garage Door spring tool



Garage Door Spring Measuring Tool.

Steel ruler – Marked with all spring wire sizes on one side.

Inch markings on the other side.

1” Wide

One end is pressed into the spring – then count 20 coils, wire size is then indicated.

Takes the guess work out of measuring springs.

This is a garage door professionals way of measuring garage door springs.

Accurate measurements of garage door springs are essential, you must be exact, this tool enables your to be exact every time you measure a spring.

We also care another type of spring measuring tool, click this link – GARAGE DOOR SPRING TOOL

Ordering the wrong springs can be very costly and dangerous as well, use the proper tools and eliminate mistakes.

We appreciate the fact that your garage door is out of commission, be it a residential or commercial situation. We will ship your spring as quickly as possible. We ship spring USPS and UPS.

Spring Measuring Tool

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Weight 1 lbs