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Lock Disc Spacer

Spacer used between the lock disk and the garage door.

This lock disc spacer holds the lock disc away from the door allowing ease of movement and proper alignment of the lock dead bolt typically found on this type of garage door lock system.

This lock disc spacer is also used when you need to create a new lock lit base over existing holes in the garage door.

At times it is necessary to fabricate a new base or plate that is attached to the garage door to cover existing holes in the garage door. Doing this allows you to then drill the correct holes in the door to install a new or upgraded lock system. This lock disc spacer helps to facilitate the installation of a new lock system in an upgrade situation.

To see the lock disc, click here – GARAGE DOOR LOCK DISC 

The lock disc is integral to garage door locks using the lock rod or lock bar system.

We carry the lock rod disc combination and also complete lock kits using lock rods / lock bars.

The lock rod / lock bar type of garage door lock is the most robust and secure of all the typical garage door locks that need to function from both the inside and outside of the garage door.

We stock many garage door lock parts that will help you revive or repair an existing garage door lock. We also carry several complete garage door lock kits / systems.

This and all our items are available in bulk, just email us your needs and ship to point address for a quick quote. We ship fast and free six days a week.


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