Wayne Dalton Garage Door Hinge


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Wayne Dalton Pinch Proof Hinge

Garage Door Hinge

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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Hinge
Wayne Dalton “Pinch Proof” Garage Doors
Center and End hinges listed.
These are Genuine Wayne Dalton replacement parts direct from Wayne Dalton.
Center hinge:
3” Wide X 3” tall
End hinge:
3” Wide X 3” X various offset
Hinges are numbered; typically the first hinge up from the floor is #1,
then #2 and so on going up the door.
If you look along the edge of the door you will see that the door track is angled away from the jamb (wall), the offset of the garage door end hinges compensates for that. #1, stands off the door ½”, #2 – ¾”, #3 – 1” & #4 – 1-1/4”
Lubricate the roller stem so it slides back and forth in the hinge barrel.
We recommend our 13 BB Nylon rollers when replacing any garage door hinge.
Periodically hinges must be tightened; the mounting screws will work loose over time.
Tightening the hinges and lubricating the hinges and rollers should be part of normal maintenance.
Hinges will wear and should be replaced; a worn or damaged hinge can lead to other, costly breakage of the garage door and or garage door opener. All moving parts and all metal to metal parts need frequent lubrication.

Here is a link to the lubricant we use and have used for decades, really good for garage doors – GARAGE DOOR LUBRICANT 

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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Hinge








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Wayne Dalton Hinge

1 – CENTER HINGE, 1 – #1 HINGE, 1 – #2 HINGE, 1 – #3 HINGE, 1 – #4 HINGE