Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Support Bracket


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Wayne Dalton Bracket

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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Support Bracket

Fits on the shaft / tube in the middle of the garage door.

This bracket supports the tube that contains the springs.

For use with Torquemaster and Torquemaster Plus systems.

We stock all of the currently available Wayne Dalton Torquemaster parts. All are genuine Wayne Dalton Brand garage door parts.

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Here is some information from Wayne Dalton regarding there Torquemaster product line:

Corporate Engineering –Jan 2010

In 2007, Wayne-Dalton introduced the TorqueMaster® Plus counterbalance system with an integrated spring break anti-drop device. This system has been used successfully in thousands of field applications in North America and Europe for 3 years. However, for replacement springs, we have continued to offer the original Torquemaster components.

Beginning in 2010, Wayne Dalton will begin converting these replacement Torquemaster cable drums to Torquemaster PLUS cable drums. We will continue to utilize Torquemaster end brackets and spring assemblies where they are used today but with the different cable drums, These cable drums are fully interchangable in the Torquemaster assembly and will not change the springs. Once this transition  begins, we will no longer offer the original version drums and any repair / replacement needs should be fulfilled utilizing the Torquemaster PLUS cable drums.

Sense this Wayne Dalton information above has been issued they have also replace / upgraded all other Torquemaster garage door system parts with the exception of the actual springs, the spring ends have been changed but the springs them selves are the same and can be re used when converting from the original Torquemaste system to the Torquemaster PLUS system.

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Support Bracket

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