Garage Door Helper Springs


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Garage Door Pusher Springs

Garage Door Bumpers


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Garage Door Helper Springs

27” Overall long (uncompressed)

Sold in PAIRS

Also referred to as – Garage Door Pusher Springs, Garage Door Bumper Springs and Garage Door Bumpers.

Mounts to rear of horizontal track, pad contacts top of door. Angle can be added to top of the door for added support at the contact point, if the top of door does not align with the pad on the pusher spring add appropriate sized angle to top of door. These can be adapted to any door and mount in standard fashion in most cases.

The purpose of pusher springs is to keep downward pressure on the door. This keeps the cables tight on the drums. There is very little spring tension when the door is in the open position and that can lead to the cable jumping off the drum.

These are good for any application when you are using a side mount opener that is connected to the door shaft. Another trick is to angle the horizontal track using the door weight to push on the cables.

Pusher springs are easy to install and really do their job well, if you’re having issues with the door cables coming off the drums these may be the solution.  Using these pusher springs will keep pressure on the door and keep the cables tight, there will be downward pressure on the cables when the door is in the open position with the spring pushers pushing on the top of the door. Occasionally installation situations arise that require the rear of the horizontal tacks to run slightly down hill, these pusher springs are a good choice in those instances as well.

These can be used on any type of door, standard radius, hi-lift & full vertical lift.
We have these Pusher Springs in 15″ long here – GARAGE DOOR PUSHER SPRING

We also carry two styles of “cable keepers”  that also help to keep the cables taught and tight on the cable drums.

Click here – CABLE KEEPER

Click here – CABLE SNUBBER

Using the Garage Door Helper Springs / Pusher Springs and or the keepers / snubbers will greatly reduce the possibility of throwing a cable on all garage doors


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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 in

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