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Garage Door Chain Lift

Overhead Door Hoist

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200R Reduced Drive Chain Hoist, 1″ Shaft


Wall mounting

3:1 reduction

Includes sprocket, 3′ of #41 roller chain, 26′ of hand chain + link, 1 chain keeper and a 1/4″ key.

Great addition to any heavy manually operated garage door

Note: The Chain included in this kit is 26′ total length. The actual access height of the chain will be near half the total length due to it being looped.

We stock extra hand chain for this and all our chain hoist’s here – HAND CHAIN

Note: The chain supplied with this chain hoist is intended to be used only with this chain hoist. Use in any other application may result in property damage, and or personal injury.

Easy installation.

The included sprocket is placed onto the door shaft.

Hoist is to be mounted to the wall or structure in a manner that the gear on the hoist is below the garage door shaft.

The roller chain is then looped over both sprockets, the door sprocket and the hoist sprocket.

Align the two sprockets and position the hoist for mounting to the wall or structure. You can fabricate a mounting pad or platform for the hoist if needed but that must be secured to the structure firmly.

Once the hoist is mounted, secure the door sprocket to the door shaft, see notes below on this.

The hand chain is now installed over the hand wheel of the hoist and the hand chain link is installed creating a loop of chain.

The hand chain keeper can be installed to the door track, reverse angle of the door track, the door jamb or the wall / structure. The hand chain keeper will hold the chain tightly in place, it is notched for the hand chain to slide into the notch.

That completes the installation.  Take care to get into the habit of slowly pulling on the chain to operate, this is very important when the door is in the open position and you are closing the door. You must be aware that if the chain is pulled to hard or fast, there is a chance of the door cables coming off the cable drums. We like to install either pusher springs and or cable keepers on standard lift doors under hoist operation.

Here are links, take a look:





The cable keeper will keep some pressure on the garage door cable when the door is in the open position.

The pusher springs push down on the top of the garage door and that keeps pressure on the garage door cables.

Both options are good when installing a hoist on any garage door but especially for standard lift garage doors, that is, the typical garage door that opens over head.

Recommended that the door has a solid, keyed shaft. If installing on a tube shaft, fill the tube in the area that the sprocket will be installed with a steel or wood plug. We then through bolt the sprocket to the shaft. Solid keyed shaft is preferred.

This is for doors with 1″ shaft

Chain hoist

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in