Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Conversion Kit Single Spring


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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Conversion Kit Single Spring


Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Single Spring CONVERSION KIT Kit

This kit converts from the Torquemaster 1 to Torquemaster 2 system.

This kit is for SINGLE spring Torquemaster systems

To view the DOUBLE spring conversion kit, click here – WAYNE DALTON TORQUEMASTER


We also have the conversion kit for double spring systems as well.

Certain parts are no longer available for the Torquemaster 1 system.

Included in this kit:

Drum and Cable Kit

End and center brackets


Detailed instructions

Flag Brackets for 12″ radius track

NOTE – If you have 15″ radius track you must specify that and we will send the correct flag brackets for 15″ radius track

Most doors are 12″ radius.

Using this conversion kit will allow you to replace all the parts from the original Torquemaster 1 system over to the Torquemaster 2 system.

Wayne Dalton has discontinued several of the parts from the original Torquemaster 1 system. All of the end plates are no longer available and the drums have been modified. This kit will basically save you from either replacing the entire door or converting the Torquemaster system over to a standard torsion system.

Using this Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Conversion Kit Single Spring KIT, is less expensive than converting over to standard torsion and is a quicker process.

There are very detailed instructions included in this conversion kit.


If you are considering converting to standard torsion springs, we can supply all the necessary parts for that. We will need to know the door weight and the door size. Door weight is of the un-sprung door. Wayne Dalton doors will typically have stickers on the edges of the door sections with door information such as door weight. It is easy to red these stickers with the door in the open position, the sections will be exposed above the track.

Typically converting from the Torquemaster system to standard torsion will cost 100 – 175.00$ in parts, single spring doors less than double spring doors.

Briefly, you will be replacing: Springs, Drums, Cables, center and end bearing plates. One thing you will need to acquire locally will be a 1″ tube shaft, those cannot ship. Realistically, 4 hours or less will be needed to complete a conversion from Torquemaster to standard torsion.


Wayne Dalton Co. –¬†Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Conversion Kit Single Spring


Check out the WAYNE DALTON web site here – WAYNE DALTON


Drop us an email with any questions, were glad to help.


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